Navy SEAL Training Camp

Want to get a taste of what it's like to go through BUD/S and be a Navy SEAL? Check out Extreme SEAL Experience in Chesapeake, Virginia. Owned by retired SEAL Don Shipley, the on-site instructors are all Navy SEALs, and only Navy SEALs.

Extreme SEAL Experience boasts two one-week SEAL training programs - SEAL Advanced and SEAL Sniper/CQC (Close Quarter Combat), which can be taken together for a discount, or one can register for a single course.

With just a short packing list, most items are provided by Extreme SEAL Experience. Just bring a few shirts, belt, running shoes, and a couple other small items and the rest will be provided.

These courses feature hand to hand combatives, shooting from a helo, realistic training missions aganst an actual OPFOR (opposing force, aka "the bad guys"), rappelling, and much more.

The SEAL Advanced course begins with a 24+ hour "Hell Night," based on the infamous "Hell Week" of BUD/S training. This training includes many a smoke session, water "conditioning," log PT, and more into a continous 24 hours of training.

The rest of the training is highly professional and realistic, and will give you a picture of what it's like to operate on a SEAL team.

This training is perfect for those men looking to prepare for BUD/S (or for those who want to know if they might have what it takes), or just for someone looking for a real challenge. Also, Special Forces, Ranger, CCT, Recon, and other SOF candidates are welcome to attend.

For more information, visit the Extreme Seal Experience website, which includes more detailed information about the available courses, course photo galleries, and videos.